Ecco una lista di 90 pacchetti di icone gratuite da usare ObjectDock o semplicemente da usare per customizzare l’aspetto del vostro sistema operativo.

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Vista High PX

Office Space Icon Set for Windows Vista

iVista Icon Pack

iVista Icon Pack 2

XP Icons

Royalty Free Icons for Toolbar and Web

Friendly Fire Icon Pack

Yoritsuki Icons

Antique Icons

Vista Glass Folder Icons

Arzo Icons Vol. 1

Gaming Icons Pack

Mario Galaxy Luma Icons

Christmas Icons

Wifun Icons by Rokey

Grzanka Icons

Fantastic Dream by Rokey

Eico 1 year by Rokey

128 Icons Set 5

Antares Iconset

Perfect Fanstasy

Monster Icons

28 Icons Set 4

iMac Icons

Camino Icons

Nes Icons Pack

iLife and iWork 08 Icons

Mouse Category Season 03

Mouse Category Season 02

Mouse Category Season 01

DeskMundo Live Icons

Computers PNG Icons

File Icons V.3

Gamepads Icons

40 Glamour ICO and PNG Icons

Fashion Icon Set 2

Vista RTM Style PNG and ICO

Darkness Blue

Xi4Dox Icons

Ricebowl Icons

CS3 Icons Set Replacement

Translucent HD Drives Icons

iVista Missing Icons

Finding Nemo Vista Icons

Consoles Vista Icons

Influens Icons

Bagg and Box Icons


Crazy iMac Vol. 2

Alert’s Icons Pack 4

Christmas Dock Icons

Caterpillar Dock Icons

Mexican Icons

Carbon PLUS

Stainless Dock Icons

Adobe Creative Suite 2 Icons

Original Messenger Pack V.2

Christmas Pack

Keyboard Keys Icons

Apple Icons V.2

RTM SideBar Icons

Summer Collection

The Office Collection

Transformers Vista Icons

Christmas XP

Choose your sport Icons

Rayman Raving Rabbids PNG Icons


Surprise! Icon Pack

Daft Punk Icons

Zen Micro Icons

Converse All-Star Icons

Folder Icon Pack

Dsquared Trash Icons

Medieval Helmets Icons.

Boxes Crystals: CS3 Icons

Oh, Doctor! Icons

Song Zhu Mei Windows Version

SeventySeven Icons for Windows

MetalTunes Icons

Games Icons

Soviet Patch PNG files

Mail Kit Icons

Cubonic Icons

Office Tools

Famicom 3D


Autumn Breeze

Accumulator Icons

Mini Icons

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